We are all living by a script. Sometimes the script is obvious -- at other times it can be hidden to us. These cultural scripts promise us a sense happiness and safety. Our teaching approach bears the burden that these dominant scripts have failed us, and yet our hope is that the story of Jesus Christ is a powerful alternative with the possiblity to translate as good news for our time and city. Utilizing the great resources of the Christian Scriptures and the Church Calendar we seek to be re-narrated by the story of Christ, season by season, creating space for our imagination to be sparked by the possibility of another world.


Faith foundation Class // march 3 - april 7

Are you interested in exploring the foundations of the Christian faith and/or preparing for Baptism? Join us for a 6-week course on Sundays beginning March 3 and ending April 7. This discussion-based study will focus on selected readings from 3 books focused on Believing, Praying and Living. Register by February 24. Books are included in the course.


These sermons from TGC Tribeca explore what it means to follow Christ within the cultural context of New York City. Here you will find the most recent sermons from our Sunday Gatherings. You may also subscribe to our podcast here to find the full archive of past teaching.