April 25, 2017

Dear TGC Tribeca,

While you should have received the announcement that Trinity Grace Church is particularizing either at our April 23rd worship gathering or in an email from our executive pastor Josh Staton on April 24th, we want to make sure you have clarity as to why we have made this decision so we can pursue the exciting future we have in front of us. 

After much deliberation and prayer, Trinity Grace has decided to reorganize into eleven distinct churches. Since its inception, Trinity Grace Church has functioned differently than other multi-site churches with a highly empowered leadership model. To date, each parish has functioned as its own church in many ways. As each new parish has joined Trinity Grace, operational and organizational complexity has increased. Recently, the parish churches have wrestled to relate as one larger church, while also propagating unique visions for their neighborhoods and parishioners.

In the midst of these discussions, Jon Tyson has decided to step down from his central leadership role and focus on his ministry in Midtown and the Eastside. Organizational difficulties coupled with this leadership shift have confirmed it is time to formalize the parishes as independent entities.

We believe this reorganization will empower each parish and result in continued missional fruit and effectiveness. The parishes are collectively committed to pursuing ways to partner and express unity as the church across the city. We will continue to collaborate and partner together as each parish pursues renewal according to its vision and unique gifts.

It has truly been an amazing journey as Trinity Grace Church over the last eleven years. What began as a home Bible study in an apartment on the Upper West Side has grown to eleven parish churches joining God in his work all across the city. It has been a privilege to see how God has blessed us and has moved among us. We are thrilled with the legacy of Trinity Grace Church and we are excited and expectant for what God will do in the coming years through these churches.

For those of us who have been a part of this story for a number of years, there will be some grief as we transition from such a beautiful season. Change is difficult but it also creates the conditions for new life to emerge. God is at work and is building the church in this city. 

There are great days ahead and we want to encourage you to lean in during this transition period. Join us in prayer that God would continue to guide and bless each parish as we make plans for the future.

If you have additional questions, feel free to schedule a meeting with myself or our associate pastor David Gungor. 

Sincerely in Christ,

Michael Rudzena
Senior Pastor, Trinity Grace Tribeca

Transition Goals and Timeline 


Dear Church,

As announced in April, over the next 9 months our church will be transitioning from existing as 1 parish among 11 under the larger Trinity Grace Church umbrella to becoming its own free standing church.

It is our hope that you would be informed about the goals, timeline and process for this transition and have the opportunity to offer feedback or ask questions at any point along the way!

To that end we are laying out a general timeline with concrete goals so you can see the scope and sequence of our transition and can celebrate with us along the way as we meet our goals and take steps toward this exciting new chapter as a church family. It is of course possible that dates will be adjusted or goals added, in which case we will communicate to the church.

June 23 - Appoint Transition Board of Trustees (completed)
July 2 - File our Certificate of Incorporation (completed)
July 31 - File for 501c3 status
October 1 - Launch our Q4 Fundraising Campaign
April 1 - Complete Transition by Installation of Trustees + Elders

We will be emailing you with updates and progress along this journey! If you have any feedback or questions feel free to reach out to us!

Grace + Peace,
Michael Rudzena